Product application

Household products

Water purifier membrane modules

1.Specific pore sizes to suit fine filtration.
2. Low possiblity of clogging caused by particles in tap water applications
3. Excellent pressure resistance
4. Excellent heat resistance

Over the past 20 years, the company has produced various types of membrane modules, and has established itself as a major supplier not only in Japan but also the US, Europe, and Chinese markets.

Basic data
Model Length (mm) OD (mm) MFhigh flow
TA1097 80 38 12.0 0.3
TA13036 102 50 16.5 0.7
TA13037 159 55 23.0 1.4
TA13045 254 69 33.0 3.0

NOK modules meet the JIS S 3201 test method for household water purifiers.
Apart from standard specifications, we can customize designs according to yourt specifications and requirements

NOK standard membrane modules
・ As a filtration membrane for household water purifiers, it yields the highest flow rate in the industry
・ A wide variety of hollow fiber membranes are available with optional MF/UF
・ By incorporating NOK’s proprietary hydrophobic membranes, trapped air is allowed to vent and thereby solves any air-lock concerns

10 inch membrane modules:

・Double 222 O-ring module fits many existing housings.
・Its large membrane area is ideal for your larger water purification system.
・Air-lock free! NOK can include proprietary hydrophobic membranes which automatically bleed air from your system.