About us

General Manager's Address

NOK (Wuxi) Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NOK Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer of a complete range of parts. Established in China in July 2015, it mainly produces and sells various hollow fiber membranes developed and designed by NOK Corporation.In November 2016, the company set up new facilities in Wuxi, aiming to provide high-tech and high quality membrane products to customers all over the world.

Water can be classified into drinking water、 industrial water and other types in terms of intended use. We have always been making endeavor to provide customers with safer and cleaner water. We have also been carrying out corporate activities for the constant purpose of making our due contribution to the water purifying industry. Thus, we will make best efforts to improve product quality and advance thorough cost optimization. Our goal is to【provide high quality products to the entire society with unique Japanese technologies】.Meanwhile, we also hope to become a well-known excellent enterprise in the industry.

Besides, we will strictly observe laws on environmental protection and resolutely fulfill our social responsibility as corporate citizen.